POS Hardware For Shops

Handheld POS devices have revolutionizing the restaurant industry. They streamline and simplify the entire POS experience, from taking and entering orders to getting the receipt and processing payments. With the rise of Android handheld POS devices devices it became possible to de-clutter the counter of shops. Your could have your card machine, online food ordering and point of sale in one device. Here are the top five ways handhelds are making a difference in restaurants like yours:

Handheld POS

1.       Faster Service
Think about how often each server must walk back and forth from their tables to the POS kiosk – they must greet the table, take and enter orders, add extra food or drinks, produce the check, accept payment and provide a receipt. That’s a lot of walking back and forth, and they may have to wait behind their coworkers who are using the POS as well.

With a handheld POS device, servers can now perform all those actions immediately at the table. This greatly increases your restaurant’s efficiency while giving servers more opportunity to engage with their customers.

2.       Quicker Table Turns
Recent studies show that restaurants using handheld/mobile POS can turn tables 15-20% faster than those that don’t, which also means you can serve more people in the same amount of time, and make more sales. 

3.       More Successful Loyalty Programs
Handheld devices make it faster and easier to sign customers up for your loyalty programs. Some restaurants report an increase in loyalty sign-ups by as much as 10X when using a handheld device to collect data. Loyalty programs encourage guests to come back more frequently, increase spending, and become loyal regulars.

4.       Happier Customers
From a customer experience point of view, we have probably all had times when we were out to eat and had to wait a long while to get our meals or the check. Even if the food was excellent, a long wait can sour the whole dining experience and make customers reluctant to return. Since handheld POS systems can significantly reduce wait times, you’ll have happier customers (and better customer reviews).

5.       A Bigger ROI
Ultimately, your investment in handheld POS devices (which tend to have lower setup costs than traditional POS systems) will pay off; faster service, quicker table turns, more loyalty program engagement, and more satisfied customers all result in one thing: increased profits.

Point of Sale systems (POS) are vital for any successful restaurant, but having just one or two POS kiosks that every server must use for all of their tables can create a slow and cumbersome process that can negatively impact your restaurant’s efficiency, profitability, and guest experience. Consider incorporating handheld POS devices to take your service to the next level. 

Remember, as you make the most of your POS technology consider the benefits of integrating with a back office software solution. Leveraging data from your POS, a good back office solution can help save you time, money and provide significant ROI by helping you manage inventory, reduce food costs, manage labor and scheduling, and provide valuable insights through analytics and reporting. When you integrate your front of house and back of house solutions, you get a holistic view of your restaurant operations and can make better decisions to ensure your business is successful, now and in the future.

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